Study in USA

Study in USA

he company is a large-scale producer of the production of the construction and industrial equipment, as well as its repair. The company has its own design and production facilities, which are located in different regions of Russia. The main activity of the company is to produce construction and industrial equipment for civil engineering works, road building, railway constructions, mining industry, etc. The products are sold both on internal market and abroad.

The world is facing a shortage of skilled and unskilled labor. This has created a demand for companies to hire temporary workers. Companies hire temporary workers because they are cost-effective, flexible, and have the ability to work on short-term contracts. The use of temporary workers in the workplace has become more common due to their advantages over permanent employees. However, there are some disadvantages associated with using them such as lower wages and lack of benefits.

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Jyomogang Education Consultancy is also a proud member of 2 highly esteemed education associations of Nepal; Nepalese association of Australian Education Representatives NAAER and International Education Representative Initiative of Nepal.


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