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Jyomogang Education Consultancy is one of the pioneers of abroad education counselling in Nepal. We are registered under the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology and fulfill all of the technical and certification requirements along with attaining global certification of training which has possessed us with knowledge to lead the counselling industry. With over 21 years of experience, we specialize in counselling of destinations like Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherland, and India. Along with high visa success rate, we also are proud of our students who have been successful in their careers through our counselling and guidance. That makes us possibly the best education consultancy in Nepal.

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Since 2000+, we provide best service for Education Sector

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Jyomogang Education Consultancy is also a proud member of 2 highly esteemed education associations of Nepal; Nepalese association of Australian Education Representatives NAAER and International Education Representative Initiative of Nepal.


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